Ellen Peckham

As a ‘doubly gifted’ visual artist and writer, I often use both mediums in a single work, the text decorating and explicating and the image illuminating. These are, of necessity, only a selection from a decades-long adventure when images, materials, writings and media bled into one another in an ever-expanding effort to communicate.

As record of a long life invested in visual and language arts this site is, yes,

densely loaded. And yet only a very small offering from the whole.


Immersion and Emergence

Ellen Peckham presents solo exhibit, Immersion and Emergence, at Guttenberg Arts


Decades Burning

Click link for virtual flipbook

During the time of Covid-enforced solitude I began to go through the massive accumulation of work spanning over sixty years. In doing so, I experienced ever-increasing nostalgia (sometimes joyful, sometimes bitter) as each piece evoked a time, place, circumstance.

As my history played out before me, the memories and the pieces, verbal or visual that document it, created an aura: elation, euphoria.

Over all these decades as an artist, I have been given lots of free advice, usually to do less: one medium, one form. As you will see in this book, that advice never worked for me. I have employed the best conduit to communicate each incident, vision, and adventure. And started collecting a miniscule selection from the whole that has become Decades Burning.


Ellen Peckham