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Ellen Peckham

As a ‘doubly gifted’ visual artist and writer, I often use both mediums in a single work, the text decorating and explicating and the image illuminating. These are, of necessity, only a selection from a decades-long adventure when images, materials, writings and media bled into one another in an ever-expanding effort to communicate.

As record of a long life invested in visual and language arts this site is, yes,

densely loaded. And yet only a very small offering from the whole.

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Ellen Peckham with Dan Welden

Invitation to a Private Space

New York based artist, Ellen Peckham, guides viewers through her home, studio and gallery space with longtime friend, colleague and collaborator, artist Dan Welden.

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Decades Burning

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During the time of Covid-enforced solitude I began to go through the massive accumulation of work spanning over sixty years. In doing so, I experienced ever-increasing nostalgia (sometimes joyful, sometimes bitter) as each piece evoked a time, place, circumstance.

As my history played out before me, the memories and the pieces, verbal or visual that document it, created an aura: elation, euphoria.

Over all these decades as an artist, I have been given lots of free advice, usually to do less: one medium, one form. As you will see in this book, that advice never worked for me. I have employed the best conduit to communicate each incident, vision, and adventure. And started collecting a miniscule selection from the whole that has become Decades Burning.

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Ellen Peckham

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