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Ellen Peckham

As a ‘doubly gifted’ visual artist and writer, I often use both mediums in a single work, the text decorating and explicating and the image illuminating. These are, of necessity, only a selection from a decades-long adventure when images, materials, writings and media bled into one another in an ever-expanding effort to communicate.

As record of a long life invested in visual and language arts this site is, yes,

densely loaded. And yet only a very small offering from the whole.

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Upcoming Events

Insight Sunday

Insight Sunday with Ellen Peckham

January 28, 2024: 10:30 AM

Ellen will be leading a poetry reading and discussion about her process as a printmaker, artist and poet. The talk is open to the public and will be held at The Church in Sag Harbor, NY.

Master Impressions_Sag Harbor.jpg

Master Impressions: The Church, Sag Harbor

January 13- February 25, 2024

Ellen is exhibiting her piece, Ce Change, at The Church in Sag Harbor, NY. Showcasing great artists of the South Fork, Ellen's work is featured alongside the works of Elaine deKooning, Jackson Pollock, Jasper Johns, Dan Welden and more. The show will run through February 25 in Sag Harbor.

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Ellen Peckham with Dan Welden

Invitation to a Private Space

New York based artist, Ellen Peckham, guides viewers through her home, studio and gallery space with longtime friend, colleague and collaborator, artist Dan Welden.

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Ellen Peckham

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